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Origins Lactation & Wellness

 Laura Cummings Balgari, FNP-C, IBCLC

Supporting the journey of motherhood with holistic Indigenous values


Hello and welcome! My name is Laura Cummings Balgari. I am a mother, a Nurse Practitioner and an International Certified Lactation Consultant with over seven years of experience in nursing, pediatrics and lactation medicine. My community involvement includes being a board member of the Georgia Breastfeeding Coalition, NAPPLSC member, co-creator of DyadCare Lactation Medicine and Indigenous First Steps Mother-Baby Program.


Origins Lactation and Wellness seeks to support new mothers with a holistic outlook and to connect individuals to their truest selves, from wherever they originate. New parenthood can be an overwhelming time of physical and emotional stress as you navigate the way you welcome and raise your new child. My goal is to ensure that new mothers have all the tools they need to give and receive the sacred joys of parenthood and chest / breastfeeding. This practice is informed by my ancestral heritage of holism and Indigenous practices in maternal care going back generations to my midwife and folk healing ancestors of Pee Dee, Natchez, Scotch-Irish and African descent. Cultural competence is a cornerstone of my practice. Every care plan is specified to the individual's entire person, focusing on their feeding goals and empowering them to make the postpartum period a positive bonding time as a dyad.


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Visit Options

I offer home visits for the ease and comfort of new dyads, following all CDC protocols for safety. I also partner with DyadCare Lactation Medicine at their Atlanta-based clinic for more advanced needs, from ultrasound therapy to frenectomy (tongue tie revision).

Lactation Consults

Consults generally last from one to two hours per session, based on needs. Follow up communication is encouraged to promote mothers' confidence and security in navigating their way through the fourth trimester.

Breast Massage Therapies

I am trained in Therapeutic Breast Massage in Lactation (TBML) for mothers with engorgement or plugged ducts. I also teach and encourage hand expression, as demonstrated here



“Laura was extremely helpful in my breastfeeding journey with my son when we had initial struggles with his tongue tie. She was available for a consultation quickly and checked in on me several times afterwards to see how we were doing. I have now been exclusively breastfeeding since. I would recommended her to anyone wanting breastfeeding help and would use her again in the future if needed!”

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